Sony Offering Limited PlayStation-Themed Mystery Boxes At SDCC 2019

San Diego Comic-Con is the one expo you want to attend if you enjoy pop culture. While comic-cons have mainly started as a means to enjoy and celebrate comic books and its industry, the events have morphed and brought in all sorts of entertainment industries into the mix. While you can go to a local comic-con without any trouble, the big main event that is tough to score tickets is SDCC and this year it’s bound to bring in new movie, television, and possibly video game announcements. Already we got our eyes on an exclusive limited-edition mystery box set that will be going on sale throughout SDCC.

Sony is going to be attending SDCC 2019 and already we know that there will be a PlayStation-themed mystery box for sale during each day of the event. We don’t know what’s inside these mystery boxes but the company has stated that there are less than 500 of each box manufactured. Outside of the limited quantities, we know that these mystery boxes will include exclusive Sony PlayStation themed goods but it will set you back $60 per box. The contents within the box, however, is said to be valued at $90 and being a limited stock, the value could potentially go up after the event ends.

At any rate, these boxes will likely have a long line to wait in and oftentimes there is a limit to how many consumers can purchase. Sony did state in their official blog that if they do not sell out all the mystery boxes then there will be sales opened up on all of the mystery boxes offered throughout that week during the last day of SDCC.

Are you interested in the SDCC limited edition Sony PlayStation Mystery Box? Get ready to hightail it to Sony’s booth if you want to ensure you purchase during each day of the comic-con event. If you’re not attending then you can always keep an eye out on eBay as resellers tend to flip exclusive items for a bump in price.

Source: PlayStation