Disney Makes Big Push Into Game Licensing With New VP Hire

Disney is a massive company and it owns a ton of IPs. We’re not talking about the small cartoon and animated works anymore as the company recently made some big purchases. Now this company owns Pixar, 21st Century Fox, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. So the IPs that they have at their disposal is pretty big. As a result, it looks like the Mickey Mouse company is making a bigger stab at the video game industry with the recent hiring of John Drake. We may start seeing plenty of new exciting video game titles based on some of your favorite franchises in the coming years.

John Drake, who was previously employed by Sony for content and portfolio strategy but has now become the VP of Business Development and Licensing for Games. That’s according to an official Twitter post by John Drake alerting fans that he will soon be able to match up developers with IPs and hopefully guide new video game titles from some of your favorite franchises. Time will tell of course if this works out in Disney’s favor as there has been quite a bit of fan disappointment with EA and their Star Wars video game releases. At any rate, gamers who are looking to get a heads up on what to expect may want to keep tabs on John Drake’s Twitter account, though we imagine Disney is going to keep a pretty tight lid on things until they are ready for any type of announcement to be made for the public.

We’re also curious as to what IPs have come to mind for Disney. As mentioned, there are countless franchises owned by the company now. We could see anything from an Indiana Jones video game to a new X-Men title. Since there is so many to choose from, perhaps we’ll see a plethora of these IPs go out into the video game industry to test the waters.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle, Twitter