Pre-Orders Open Up For The GBA Consolizer

You may have seen some YouTubers get a look at the latest GBA Consolizer and offered their insights on the device. If you haven’t and grew up playing the original Game Boy to Game Boy Advance, then you may want to check this device out as it’s going to give you a new means to enjoy some of those classic titles but in HD and through the use of your television display. Essentially, this is an upscale version of the Game Boy Advance with additional hardware that allows gamers to plug it straight into your television through HDMI. The result may prove that this device may be worth the money if you’re a serious enthusiast over retro video games.

The Nintendo Game Boy was a massive hit and it still has a following. Nintendo continues to put out portable gaming platforms with even their latest console being a hybrid of both a traditional home console and a portable handheld. There is always the option to play with the original hardware and video game software but again, you may want to just sit back on your sofa and enjoy the game being played on your television display.

There are other clone devices that work through this means. Likewise, you can take something like the Retron 5, a console that supports a plethora of consoles that will play right on your television display with the Game Boy lineup being included. However, as the reviews online have shown, it always pays off to have the original hardware and that’s what the GBA Consolizer offers. This original hardware with a few extra components will play actual video game carts as intended but visually enhanced on your display.

Likewise, this console comes with the option to connect a SNES Controller to the device to play a bit more comfortably. Alternatively, you can use the 8Bitdo Retro Receiver and use a wireless SNES controller to even the Switch Pro controller. Currently, you can pre-order the device right now and it will set you back $170 though you will have a variety of options on the design aspect of your GBA Consolizer.

Source: Game Tech, Metal Jesus Rocks