Bend Studio Releases First Bike Challenge For Days Gone

Days Gone released back on April 26, 2019, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The game has a pretty decent single-player campaign full of side quests, exploration, resource gathering, along with the main narrative campaign. However, if you already finished the game then the development studio behind the title is giving players a reason to jump back into the action by offering free updates and challenges. For instance, today we are receiving the first bike challenge and again, if you’ve already played through the game, chances are you’ve become well accustomed to traversing the world on the bike.

Let’s see how you handle maneuvering the rough terrain and jumps with this challenge. According to the tweet released by the official Bend Studio Twitter account, players will have to race around Diamond Lake and hit checkpoints in order to gather bandages. The terrain is still just as rough so you’ll have to prepare to make quick turns and make big jumps. Likewise, this world is still full of Freakers and hordes so there’s plenty of hostilities to keep an eye out for.

We’re sure that there will be even more bike related challenges to come out for the game in the future but if you have yet to pop the game disc back into the PlayStation 4 since completing the game then you may want to check out the latest updates and challenges available. At the moment, the developers behind the game, Bend Studio, have yet to indicate as to what will be next for them but we have seen posts online from fans hoping that a sequel is not out of the question.

How are you enjoying the challenges so far? Perhaps these challenges and updates will keep players going until the next big PlayStation 4 exclusives hit the market. If you have yet to check out Days Gone, then we suggest taking a look at our Before You Buy episode upload on the game embedded above.

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Source: Twitter