Batman Voice Actor, Kevin Conroy, Hints at New Arkham Game

Rocksteady has been hard on work on their next game for some time now, but still, no one know’s what that game is. However, thanks to a new tweet from the iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, rumors have begun circulating again on what that game might be.

The tweet is not much to go by, but nonetheless it is interesting to see Conroy insinuating that there could be more Arkham games. A couple of days ago, developer Rocksteady thanked their fans on the four-year anniversary for Batman: Arkham Knight. Nothing strange yet, but then a couple days after, Conroy quotes the celebratory tweet and says “But why stop there?!!” .

This had the internet in a frenzy due to the fact Conroy could be teasing something Arkham related. Rocksteady has been super quiet on what they’re working on, almost too quiet. Perhaps with the next generation on the horizon, Rocksteady could be gearing up for another Batman title.

Check out the enticing tweet from Kevin Conroy down below:

However, at the moment all we have is speculation and high hopes. In related Batman news, Robert Pattinson has been officially cast as the new Batman for the DCEU. Check out the full story right here!

Would you like to see a new Arkham game from Rocksteady? Or would you rather see them tackle something entirely new? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter