Thief Developer Explains Difference Between PS4 and PS3

The PlayStation 4 will be making its long-anticipated debut this November, but that doesn’t mean that Sony will be dropping its older brother by 2014. As always, the PlayStation maker will support is past hardware for as long as there’s fan demand, and it’ll maintain that interest through the release of cross-platform titles. The latest Thief, which is one of the most interesting third-party experiences slated for both the PS3 and PS4, will attempt to give both platform holders a full-bodied product, but producer Stephane Roy has just taken to the PlayStation Blog to explain the differences between the two games.

“There are multiple components to this question; an AI component, an audio component, an art component,” Roy said when asked about the expanded possibilities of the PS4. “It’s very important for us to immerse players in our universe. We want to make sure players really feel like they’re Garrett, that they’re part of the environment. So on our side the immersion is key. And honestly, with the PS4, it’s just amazing to see how far we can push this immersion.”

The DualShock 4 will also enhance the Thief experience, using the controller’s new functionality to further immerse the player.

“For the DualShock 4, we use the light bar to reflect the light gem in the in-game UI, which indicates if Garrett is in the shadows or not,” Roy continued. “It creates a nice feeling when you play in the dark to see it illuminate or darken as you move through the environment. Additionally, the touch pad allows for better menu navigation and makes for a more intuitive way to perform various actions, like navigating the map or selecting weapons.”

Look for Thief to hit current and next-gen platforms Feb. 25, 2014