Apparently Blizzard Just Killed A Two Year Old Video Game Development Project

An animator and game developer from Blizzard, David Gibson, has recently taken to Twitter to announce his departure. After working for Blizzard, the developer is moving on to his new job in the near future, though just what gig he’s taking next was not specified. What was talked about is that a game project he was working on for the past two years got killed off. We’re not sure just when this project was killed or for what reasons, but apparently its something we’ll never get to see.

There is a ton of time that goes into video game development and with these big companies like Blizzard, there are several projects likely in the works at any given time. Only a few of these games actually make it into major development and ultimately released into the market. So when David Gibson stated that the project was scrapped after two years of work, it shouldn’t come to much surprise.

We’re certainly interested in finding out what that project was but it may be a good while before it ever comes out. Replying to his Tweet, David did state that the past six months the video game project ended up on the back burner so perhaps it was a video game title that Blizzard couldn’t fully wrap their heads around to continue development. Of course, with that said, there is still a chance that Blizzard could bring this project back but in the meantime, it’s safe to assume that this title will remain to be canned.

For now, we wish David Gibson the best in his future endeavors as he prepares to take on his next job. In the meantime, Blizzard currently has a mobile game in the works known as Diablo Immortal, a game that received quite a bit of flack when it was initially announced.

Source: Twitter