Supermassive Games Reveals Why Until Dawn 2 Isn’t Happening

When it comes to the PlayStation 4 there are a number of exclusive titles but if you’re into the horror genre, there’s a clear cut answer as to which is the highest regarded. Supermassive Games delivered fans a horrifying experience with Until Dawn, a video game that is all about choices and consequences. Overall, players follow a group of kids stuck at a ski resort where a murderer is on the loose. Depending on the choices you make will determine just who lives and dies which allowed for some great replay value. However, for fans who are looking for more of the same experience, there may have been some hope that Supermassive Games would come out with a direct sequel, Until Dawn 2.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen and thanks to Game Informer, we now know why. Speaking with the CEO of the development studio, Game Informer got a few comments from Pete Samuels. Apparently, fans are still requesting a sequel but Pete found that the development studio could provide gamers with the same kind of experience while not forcing their staff to work on the same overall story or characters. Instead, the development studio opted to create an anthology known as The Dark Pictures Anthology.

This will contain a total of five video game experiences that will have the same overall mechanics but will feature a different story, cast of characters and new locations. Best of all, it’s not a Sony exclusive so you can expect the games to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As of right now, we know of the first game coming out to the market which is Man of Medan which you can view the trailer above.


Source: Game Informer