Nintendo Unveils The Latest Switch NES Titles For May 2019

Each month Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony offer gamers free video game titles to enjoy with their online premium service. Today we know just what Nintendo has in store for gamers which were leaked earlier this month, but now it’s confirmed. Gamers who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service will receive Donkey Kong Jr., Vs. Excitebike, and lastly Clu Clu Land.

As mentioned, these games are for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers only and will be added to the growing list of available NES video game titles. However, there have been some concerns with fans online as of late with the video game choices Nintendo has been providing. These games are NES titles and oftentimes they are not enjoyed as Nintendo likely had hoped. Instead, they are time killers for a few moments before being exited out and never played again.

Instead, gamers have been waiting to hear an announcement from Nintendo about future platforms being added into the online service such as the SNES or even the N64. There hasn’t been any announcements or statements made on the matter from Nintendo yet but this could be something that the company is waiting to announce at E3 this year.

Regardless, Nintendo offers its premium service at a discount compared to the other services provided by Sony and Microsoft. Gamers who wish to have all the abilities and access to NES titles on their Nintendo Switch will have to pay a total of $20 per year.

Source: GameSpot