Modder Shows Off Xbox Emulator Running On Nintendo Switch

When it comes to video game emulation, there is a ton of software and hardware readily available. Most common would be using PCs to emulate various old school video game consoles. However, there are some modders who are working on bringing out new current generation emulators. What may be more interesting to discover is when these emulators run on other hardware outside of PC such as video game consoles themselves.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary to see video game consoles from yesteryear running old consoles but one has caught our attention today. A modder that goes by the name Voxel9 has managed to bring over the XQEMU emulator which runs the original Xbox one PC, over to the Nintendo Switch. This is quite the feat and it’s certainly interesting to see something like Halo: Combat Evolved running on the latest Nintendo hybrid console.

This emulator offers a full Xbox experience. Gamers will get the same overall greeting and home menu options but also the ability to run some video game titles. Now as with all emulators, there are some issues that modders will have to work out and as shown, these games don’t run perfectly well. But with that said, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the modding community and we can’t wait to see just what else comes out from fans on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the emulator running on the Nintendo Switch above and let us know what other emulators would you like to see on the Nintendo latest console platform by dropping a comment down below.

Source: YouTube