Halo: Infinite Will Not Launch With A Battle Royale Mode

When it comes to the trends right now for video games, it’s clear that there are plenty of developers looking to add a battle royale mode into their latest releases. With the success that titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends have had, it would make sense that development studios want to cash in and bring over the mode to their video game releases, especially since it appears that fans are clearly enjoying themselves with it. At any rate, one of the more anticipated Microsoft exclusive that is coming down the pipeline is not going to feature the mode despite rumors and statements made online.

Halo: Infinite is one video game title that we look forward in hearing about during Microsoft’s press briefing at this year’s E3 expo. So far we know that the game would feature Master Chief but it would be a spiritual reboot of sorts. Again, we don’t know much and it’s one video game title that we expect will be heavily shown off during Microsoft’s press briefing. At any rate, there has been plenty of talks regarding what the game will feature, including a battle royale mode.

These statements have caused Frank O’Connor from development studio 343 Industries, the company working on Halo: Infinite, to speak up. According to Frank O’Connor, there will not be a battle royale mode available within Halo: Infinite. He goes on to say that the development team won’t comment on modes or anything of the matter just yet but don’t expect an official battle royale mode. We say official as it appears that this will be a potential game mode down the pipeline as O’Connor has stated that through the use of Forge, players could create a similar experience.

Source: ResetEra, Gamerant