[VIDEO] Geometry wars on Project Natal

When Microsoft showcased Project Natal at E3 this year we all got excited what the future of controller free gesture-based gaming could hold for us in the future but uncontrollable enthusiasm and rumored release dates aside, since that time there hasn’t been much in the way of new, concrete details or any title announcements.

A few months back the dudes at Engadget had a chance to demo the technology where they were disappointed with issues such as graphical inconsistencies in their virtual characters and occasions where recalibration was required but since it was an early prototype of Natal a few bugs are bound to pop up here and there. We got our hands on a new video which shows a developer playing Geometry Wars on Natal, now, bearing in mind as cool as he looks playing the Geometry Wars using only hand movements the technology seems more evolved and stable. Although there are few occasions where the game freezes for a second or two, but we’ll hope that these issues will be taken care of in later builds of Natal.

Check out the video below