Cyberpunk 2077 Will Not Have A Traditional Game Over Screen

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated video game titles coming out. It’s being developed under CD Projekt Red, the famed developers who were responsible for the highly successful The Witcher franchise. Now that their focus is on Cyberpunk 2077, more news coming from the developers have clearly made this game quite ambitious. In the latest reports that came from GameStar and translated via ResetEra, CD Projekt Red will not have a traditional game over type screen.

In the world of video games, most often there is a clear path that developers put you on. For the most part, you have to complete a series of tasks in a certain way in order to progress. However, with open world RPGs, there is a bit more freedom. However, even then there are only two designated choices available while the main portion of a campaign mission doesn’t differ between player to player. CD Projekt Red is hoping that Cyberpunk 2077 changes that as the studio claims that the title won’t feature a game over.

We already saw a good bit of gameplay for the title and it does appear to really open up the possibility of how gamers can enjoy the title. There definitely seems to be a free type of gameplay and developers claim that nothing you do will result in a game over. Missions can be completed however players wish and the only thing that would kick you back to a checkpoint is a death.  Really, from the gameplay footage we’ve seen and hype surrounding the title, we’re hopeful that the developers can provide a sound experience.

For now, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t have a specific release date attached yet though the developers claim that the title will be available for current generation platforms.


Source: ResetEra, PlayStation LifeStyle