Sony Changes Their Digital Refund Policy

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Sony has recently made a big change to its digital storefront. In the past month, we found out that Sony was killing off all digital code sales for any outside retailers. Instead, the company would only sell their content directly to the consumer digitally, while retailers would still have the right to sell their digital currency. However, a new change was made for how gamers can successfully gain a refund. This may not be all that great of a change for some gamers.

It’s been a bit more common for gamers to request a refund for a video game. We had Anthem release with an issue that could harm the console along with the Fallout 76 release which was something that a lot of gamers took issue with just as an entertainment standpoint. During these two big launches, there has been a number of requests from Sony to get a refund. Now a new change to policy has occurred which not only makes Sony the only source to purchase digital content from the PlayStation Store but the judge on if you’ll get a refund for your purchase.

This new policy will allow refunds for pretty much anything you purchase on the digital store such as full video games, DLC, avatars, etc. However, to get a refund, you will only have fourteen days after the purchase. There’s another catch, you can’t actually use the content within those fourteen days. There’s no leeway either as it appears that once Sony registers that you’ve started the game then the refund will no longer be on the table.

Thankfully that doesn’t apply to content that proves to be faulty. So if we get another Anthem situation where the game actually could harm your console or simply doesn’t work then Sony will honor their policy and refund you for the content purchased.

Source: Sony