Man of Medan Confirmed For Summer 2019 Release

Supermassive Games has already a nice track record when it comes to horror titles as the development studio brought out an iconic hit for the PlayStation 4 in the form of Until Dawn. The video game series has received a couple of spinoff titles of its own though now the developers are looking at a new trilogy of titles set to also be horror titles.

The developers are calling it The Dark Anthology with the first title being Man of Medan. So far we know that the game will feature a cast of characters that, much like Until Dawn, can all be killed. This time around players will be diving into the sea with a group of friends in search of sunken treasure but it turns out that there’s something else lurking in the depths below.

Unfortunately, the development team over at Supermassive Games didn’t have a release date attached to the project under then that they were hoping to launch within the year. Now, we have a slightly smaller releases window for the game thanks to a new developer diary video. Within the video, we learn that The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is slated to launch within the summer of this year.

That’s not the only shred of news given out in the video either. Instead, the developers spoke of the struggles they had to deal with for the title such as animating the water. This was no easy task and because the game is set mainly within the water, it was the first big obstacle that the development team had to overcome.

As mentioned, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is slated to launch within the summer of this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.


Source: YouTube