Quantic Dream Launching Their Former Sony Exclusives To PC

If you’re familiar with Quantic Dream, you know that the development studio has been for the most part releasing Sony exclusives. However, over the past few months, the development studio received an investment from NetEase, a company based in China. With this investment, Quantic Dream revealed their interest in bringing out video games to other platforms outside of just Sony’s line of PlayStation consoles. That statement rings true as the company announced that their three latest big releases will be launching on the PC platform through the Epic Games Store.

Quantic Dream is known for delivering a cinematic focused video game titles. Within their adventure-style releases come a variety of choices and each tends to have a consequence allowing some replay value to their releases. The last three video game titles to have launched from the studio is Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and lastly, Detroit: Become Human. All were previously released as a Sony exclusive but that changes later this year as the three will be launching on the Epic Games Store.

There’s no release date attached yet on when the games will be available or just how much it will set players back. However, if you were wanting to play the games previously and couldn’t due to not owning a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 then you’ll get another chance later this year. Furthermore, we’re waiting to hear what the PC system requirements will be to run these video games. At any rate, we’re thrilled to see that more gamers will have access to these iconic titles along with finding out just what the studio has coming down the pipeline next.


[Source: The Verge]