Leak Image Surfaces Of The Witcher Netflix Filming

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The Witcher is a massively popular video game franchise and one that will likely see plenty of fans returning to revisit the game series as the years roll on. Netflix recently acquired the ability to produce a film adaptation of the video game series and its one that will be launching sometime in the coming year. While we’re still waiting for more information to come out we do know that the series will feature Henry Cavill as the leading protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. Only a test image was shown off online but as the production is being filmed right now, a new leaked image from the filming shows Geralt in action.

Don’t expect anything too massively important as Geralt is only shown from a mountainside. This image was shared around online and from what we are gathering, it seems that the image was taken from La Palma, a Spanish island. We’re sure that more images are likely to follow though if you’re looking to avoid all spoilers then you may want to avoid them entirely.

As previously mentioned, we’re still in the dark in regards to what to expect and just when the show will even air. Currently, the best guess given to fans is sometime in 2020 and with it, we’ll have a total of eight episodes to enjoy. Likewise, we do know that the series will still keep the mature rating as the showrunner previously stated that this show will not be for children. So far the image of Henry Cavill as Geralt has been pretty split and controversial online. Really, we’ll have to wait and see that first trailer to get a better look at how the actor handles the character and his performance.

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