Sega Pulls Physical & Digital Copies For Judgment In Japan After Actor Arrest

Sega is riding on a brand new IP release this past year within Japan and this year for western audiences. However, the latest reports could prove that there may be some issues in regards to the latest IP all due to an arrest made for the lead actor. Apparently, Sega’s lead actor who worked on Judgment in Japan, Pierre Taki, was recently arrested due to cocaine use. Now it looks like Sega is pulling the game from being sold any further, but it doesn’t state just how long this pull will last.

Judgment is still a new game. The title, known as Judge Eyes in Japan released back in December of 2018 and it’s slated to launch worldwide on June 25, 2019. That was until Pierre Taki was arrested for cocaine use, a crime that can fetch some years in prison. So far the news is still new and we don’t have a ton of information to really give out. All we know is that a press release from Sega that was translated by Gematsu, has revealed Sega was made aware of the police report and will be voluntarily refraining further shipments or digital sales of Judgment.

There’s no word as to how long this will last and if it will play any big role in the future of this franchise. Likewise, we’re unsure if launches outside of Japan will be delayed. Ironically, Pierre Taki takes on the role of a detective who is tasked with solving criminal activity within a city known as Kamurocho. Now Pierre won’t be the voice behind other markets as Fred Tatsciore is stated to be the English voice actor for the title.

Right now it’s a waiting game to see just how long this hold up will last. If this doesn’t play any role of a release outside of Japan then we can expect the title to still launch on June 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4.


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