Rumor: Persona 5 S to Release on Both PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2019; Full Reveal Coming Soon


A new rumor has surfaced the internet stating that a new version of Persona 5 is set to release on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 this Fall.

Twitter user, Mr. Ohya, is the informant on this rumor. You might ask why are we believing this random Twitter user, however, do note that he is also the one that leaked the announcement of Persona 5 R. His new leak might turn out to be true as well and if that is the case, Nintendo fans should rejoice as the game is a true gem and would be a perfect fit for the console.

Check out Mr.Ohya’s tweet down below:

If you’re hyped for the Persona 5 Switch announcement, you won’t have to contain your excitement for too long, as Mr. Ohya then goes on to state that the reveal will be announced before May.

Last week, Atlus released a survey asking fans if they would like to see Persona 5 on different platforms, and a bunch of other related questions. It is quite curious as of why they did that, maybe they are gauging the fanbase to see what the community wants?

If you want to see some Atlus games on other platforms or sequels to your favorite titles, make sure to check out the survey yourself, right here!

Atlus announced early this year when the reveal of Persona 5 R announcement aired, that more details about the “remastered” or “definitive” edition of the game will be detailed in March of 2019. Perhaps the announcement of the Switch version is closer than we think.

Would you like to see Persona 5 on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter (1), (2) via Wccftech