Atlus USA Releases New Survey Asking Fans if They Want to See Persona 5 on Other Platforms, and Plenty More Questions


Atlus has released a new survey today and it sparked some interest in gamers and fans of the companies titles alike.

The new survey asked questions such as would you like to see Persona 5 on other consoles? What Atlus games would you like to see get remasters/remakes, or sequels? The questionnaire asks a bunch of interesting questions that has fans thinking — what is Atlus doing?

We already know that Catherine: Full Body is scheduled to release in the West this Fall, but what else could Atlus want to do with the franchise? In addition, we also know that the company is scheduled to announce something to do with Persona 5 in March.

Many gamers are hoping for Persona 5 to get ported to Nintendo Switch, including myself. With the Joker heading to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the first piece of DLC, many fans hopes are high to see the titular game make its way to the Nintendo switch.

If you want to see some Atlus games on other platforms or sequels to your favorite titles, make sure to check out the survey yourself, right here! So, with the new survey out in the wild, what would you want to see Atlus do with some of their properties? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Atlus