Capcom Currently Has No Plans For Resident Evil2 On Nintendo Switch

When it comes to the latest and greatest video game titles of this year, there are a few that automatically come to several gamers minds. One of those that should come up is the finally anticipated release of Resident Evil 2. Gamers have been asking Capcom to go back and deliver a remake for the sequel of Resident Evil and now that the game is out, potential players that would have purchased a copy to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch is still out of luck. A new tweet reveals that Capcom currently has no plans on bringing the game out onto the latest Nintendo platform.

As mentioned, fans have been pleading for Capcom to go back and remake Resident Evil 2. After the development studio has remade Resident Evil and revamped it for current generation platforms, players began to wonder when the developers would reach its sequel. After several years of requesting, Capcom finally delivered the much desired and anticipated video game remake. While the game retained the overall same game narrative, there were some slight changes. For instance, the development team ditched the tank controls for more modern mechanics along with bringing the camera to an over-the-shoulder viewpoint instead of the fixed camera views.

This was to bring the players closer into the action and overall to keep the title similar to the way developers deal with game mechanics today. Regardless, the video game has been a massive hit and if you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a PC platform then you can enjoy it right now. Unfortunately, for those who only have a Nintendo Switch or were simply hoping to have a more portable option to enjoy the game then you’re out of luck. A UK community manager to Capcom responded to a fan asking about Capcom’s plans for a Nintendo Switch release. The community manager replied stating that there are currently no plans for the game yet.

We didn’t get any details as to why Capcom won’t bring the game over such as if the title won”t run due to hardware limitation. But, nonetheless, gamers will have access to other titles such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Remastered, and lastly, Resident Evil 0 to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch.


[Source: Twitter]