Rumor: Microsoft Plans to Bring Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch

A new report from Direct Feed Games states that Microsoft is currently planning on bringing their Netflix-like streaming service — Xbox Game Pass, to Nintendo’s portable hybrid console the Nintendo Switch.

This would be crazy news if it turns out to be true as it will allow not only a slew of awesome titles to be streamed on the Nintendo Switch but it the possibility of seeing Xbox exclusive’s on another platfrom would be insane. Imagine playing a title like Forza, Halo or even Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch?!

The Switch isn’t the most powerful machine in the market, however, Microsoft plans to make Xbox Game Pass a streaming service where players would not technically run the game on the Switch’s hardware, but rather use it as a streaming device to play “said” game.

Earlier this year, Microsoft detailed that something was coming at GDC 2019 with their new Project xCloud; but details about what was going to go on were still hazy. Read more about that story right here!

In related Microsoft news, two new next-generation Xbox consoles are set to be revealed at E3 2019. These consoles will be the Anaconda and the Lockhart, both of which are codenames at the moment. The higher tier of the two is the Anaconda which will apparently boast a full 16 GB of RAM while the Lockhart is said to have just 12 GB of RAM. Check out the full details on the two new consoles right here!

Would you like to see Xbox Game Pass make its way to the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments down below with what you think about this latest rumor!

Source: Game Informer