Ubisoft Reveals How Much Storage Far Cry New Dawn Will Require

Warning: Far Cry 5 spoilers.

Far Cry is a massive video game franchise that will certainly have an audience with each and every installment it releases. Coming off of the latest release, Far Cry 5, is the upcoming Far Cry New Dawn video game. This title will take players back into Hope County and if you enjoyed the previous game then chances are this installment is already on your list of video games to pick up this month. However, until now, we’ve been guessing as to how big of a video game title this will be in terms of storage space required.

Ubisoft has recently revealed that the game will need about 30 GB of free available storage for Xbox One and PC players. To be specific, the Xbox One will only need 22.77 GB of storage space while the PC user will need 30 GB. Regardless, this title will come at a smaller size in comparison to Far Cry 5, but we’re still waiting to hear just how much storage space is needed for the PlayStation 4 platform. If you have yet to check into Far Cry New Dawn, players will be stepping back into Hope County, after the nuclear blast that ended Far Cry 5.

The game is said to take place nearly twenty years after the events of Far Cry 5 where players will witness an overgrown post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana. Survivors are just getting back to their feet when a new rebel force which is being dictated by twin sisters. Ubisoft has stated before that this game will showcase some familiar locations, but due to the nuclear blast, there may be some terrain alternations that caused new locations to appear.

Currently, Far Cry New Dawn is set to launch on February 15, 2019, for the PC, Xbox One and lastly, PlayStation 4 platforms.


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