The Walking Dead: The Final Season Physical Release Coming In March

The Walking Dead: The Final Season had a rocky start when it first released into the market. Players were dealing with Telltale Games sudden closure which left the game with only two episodes available. As gamers all around the world started to wonder if The Walking Dead would be one of the IPs to never get closure from the studio, it was quickly alerted to fans that the remaining episodes would eventually make its way out. Now that we’re gearing up for the last remaining episode, we’re finding out that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will make its way out into the market physically this March.

Telltale Games closure meant that gamers were never going to receive the proper ending to certain IPs such as The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones. However, after following The Walking Dead for years and promise that this latest video game would wrap up the narrative journey for its leading protagonist, Clementine, it became a real concern that gamers would end on a cliffhanger after only receiving two episodes. Luckily, Robert Kirkman, the creator behind The Walking Dead, came in with his company Skybound to deliver fans the remaining two episodes, though at a slight delay.

The last of the episodes releasing for the game is set for March 26, 2019, and if you were one of the few gamers out there who was waiting until the full season then you’ll also get the chance to pick up a physical copy with the full season. Gamers can pick up a copy for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. However, players can also obtain the full season of the game digitally for the PC platform through the Epic Games Store.


[Source: Skybound]