Grand Theft Auto 5 Details May Leak as Hacker Accesses Preload

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to be released on September 17th but details of the game may emerge before then as a PS3 modder has managed to access the game's preload and could divulge details of the game's final build. 

The hacker in question, who goes by the name BahumatLord, wrote: "Ok. Good news guys. All the needed files for the game are run here. It even looks like it'll run from external. I've put my plan into effect. It could take a couple of hours or it could take a couple of days but the game will run and it will be well before the official launch release. 

"This is the last I'm going to say about this til it's ready. Keep dicking around with that junk CFW at your own risk. Some of you guys are too impatient."

Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to launch for PS3 and Xbox 360 next month. If hacking isn't your thing and you're desperate to get your hands on the game before release you could always go to more extreme measures

Source: Reddit