God of War Almost Had More Boss Battles

God of War is one of the biggest video game releases last year. Players got the chance to follow Kratos along for a brand new adventure that was equal parts action-packed and deep narratives. With such a highly received and critical video game, there is bound to be plenty of content that was left in the writing room floor. In fact, we learned not too long ago that God of War had a DLC narrative but the development team felt that it was just too massive to release as DLC for the game. Now we’re learning that God of War once had more boss battles.

It was a few years since we got a new God of War game but when 2018 rolled around God of War, a soft reboot to the franchise was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The video game followed Kratos in Norse mythology while also taking the role as a guardian to his heir, Atreus. This game had a deeper narrative journey that went along with the combat and it easily became a contender for a number awards. At any rate, fans of the franchise have been wondering just what else was planned for the return of Kratos and in a video upload from Noclip that features Cory Barlog, the game director for God of War, one element that was scrapped was boss fights.

Apparently, the development team had plenty of boss fights in the mix for players to fight through and some of these boss fights took a ton of time crafting up. This ended up being too much of a large game for players so the developers opted to kill a number of boss fights to shorten it down. Now that gamers are learning of cancelled DLC along with boss fights being cut, who knows what else God of War had originally in store before being taken out.


[Source: NoClip]