God of War Developers Was Working On DLC But Ultimately Scrapped It

There are plenty of great video game exclusives on the PlayStation 4 platform and most of those exclusives came with DLC to further extend the game. One of those titles that were originally intended to have a DLC update was God of War, a soft reboot to the beloved god-killing franchise. However, as it turns out the DLC was just too ambitious to really become a feasible release. As a result, players may be itching to learn more about what the development team had intended to do.

God of War was a huge release for the PlayStation 4 as players followed Kratos as he raises up his son in a new Norse mythology. The game received positive reviews across the board with critics and fans alike. Furthermore, the game went on to receive a number of awards and nominations, but it looks like there could have potentially been quite a bit more content for players to go through. As it stands right now, the campaign for God of War would take about twenty hours on average to complete, but the DLC release which was in the works from Santa Monica would have greatly added to the overall time players would have spent in the game.

In a recent interview on the GameOverGreggy Show, God of War’s director Cory Barlog spoke of the development team’s original DLC plans, but apparently, the DLC would have been so long that it would have been standalone. This ultimately caused the DLC to be scrapped, but perhaps this means that whatever DLC was planned would eventually be tossed into the creation of a new installment, though that remains to be seen.

We’re unsure of what’s next for the God of War franchise, but for those who have played the game originally, there have been updates to bring in new reason to jump into the title once again. For instance, God of War has since received a New Game Plus mode. In terms of when Sony may provide news in regards to what the development team, SIE Santa Monica Studio, will be working on next especially since the company has decided to not take part in the E3 2019 expo.


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