Did A Voice Actor Just Tease A New Splinter Cell Game?

Splinter Cell was a prominent video game franchise back in the early 2000s where it was first brought out and received five video game title releases. However, since then there have been a few gaps between releases with the latest installment going on six years old now. Now with that said, it does appear that a series could receive a revival in the near future. Speculation is running rampant after a voice actor posted a new image which teases the series.

The Splinter Cell franchise has had its share of rumors over the years though there was plenty leading up to E3 2018 when gamers started to speculate that Ubisoft was going to announce a new installment or reboot the franchise. When that expo came and went without the announcement of a Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell video game title then it was pretty evident that there were plenty of upset fans of the series. Now that we’re into the New Year, a new spark of speculation has come into focus thanks to one image.

Luca Ward is a voice actor that lends his voice to the leading protagonist in the Splinter Cell franchise for Italian gamers. This voice actor recently posted a new image on his Facebook page which showcases himself along with three green lights in the shape resembling the Splinter Cell logo. There is no official word on if a new installment is in the works, but perhaps Luca is starting up the hype with his fans. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what comes of the franchise.

[Source: Luca Ward; Gamerant]