Rumor: Fighter Leaked For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally released and gamers everywhere are joining in on the battle with their Nintendo Switch. However, outside of new levels and a massive roster of characters, Nintendo is trying something different out through the means of DLC. Gamers will be able to purchase new fighters, stages and more through the means of the Fighters Pass. This pass would grant players access to five upcoming fighters right as they are released and with each fighter will include a brand new stage and additional soundtracks for the video game title.

As you can imagine, knowing that new fighters are on the way has left plenty of gamers wondering just who may join the roster next. We can’t confirm these rumors, but after some users datamined information, a new unannounced fighter may have just been unveiled. Through various code words and digging around, it appears that the next fighter to also join into the battle will be from Dragon Quest. However, to be more specific, this new fighter will likely be the main protagonist from Dragon Quest 11, a game that will soon hit the Nintendo Switch platform later this year.

Of course, this is all speculative online as Nintendo is using the codeword “Brave” and that is sending some gamers into the direction of the Brave class from the Japanese Dragon Quest installments. Don’t get too excited as this is purely a rumor for now and that Nintendo has yet to make any official word on the matter. But, if we dig a little deeper, there have been reports of Nintendo holding a Nintendo Direct upload this month which could be used as an opportunity to make this fighter announcement.


[Source: Jam1garner; Gamerant]