Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week?

The Nintendo company has been doing very well since the release of their latest console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. After their less than satisfying console launch, the Wii U, Nintendo needed a win and with several gamers all around the world owning a system, the big focus now is to keep the software running for players to enjoy. These big announcements to keep players updated on what’s to come is through Nintendo Directs which a new rumor online suggests that one will be coming as early as next week.

Since Nintendo opted to leave the big stage known as E3, fans of the company have been getting news directly from Nintendo through these video uploads. There’s no set schedule as to when these Nintendo Directs will air which makes an announcement of an upcoming video upload quite exciting. As mentioned, a new Nintendo Direct is rumored to be coming out next week after one source claimed to Gaming Intel that Nintendo will upload a video on January 10, 2019. Other sources, however, state that while a Nintendo Direct will happen at some point in January, there’s no specific release date determined yet.

We’re of course close to January 10, 2019, as is so perhaps we’ll get the official word of the upcoming Nintendo Direct sooner than later. Likewise, there’s no word on just what the video upload will be about. Some would suggest it’s to make an announcement regarding an updated Nintendo Switch model that would support a larger internal storage option, though that would potentially upset some new owners of the console from this past holiday season.

We’ll, of course, keep our eyes out for any official announcement of a Nintendo Direct announcement but in the meantime, let us know what game you would like to hear more about from Nintendo by leaving a comment below.

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