Did A Sega Developer Tease Catherine PC Port?

Sega’s subsidiary, Atlus, has a massive collection of phenomenal video game releases. Back in 2011, we got a rather wacky mature narrative puzzle title for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 called Catherine. This game put players into the role of a man named Vincent Brooks that is stuck in a love triangle. With his feelings pulling him apart between his girlfriend Katherine and a new love interest named Catherine, Vincent is forced to make some decisions.

This puzzle title was a positive hit between critics and fans alike which even allowed the game to win a number of awards. However, there are plenty of gamers who missed out on the title originally or wish to once again enjoy it. Luckily that will soon be a reality as Sega’s Atlus team will be releasing a new enhanced edition known as Catherine: Full Body which will feature new gameplay, love interest along with more endings. As a result, this edition may be the best option to roll with and its apparently coming for the PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation Vita in Japan. Western markets will soon follow, but we may get another platform announcement here shortly.

On the Sega developer account for Steam, a single sheep photo was posted and most are claiming that Sega is teasing an upcoming Catherine: Full Body PC platform announcement. This image of the sheep doesn’t come from the game, but there are sheep references in general within the gameplay so it’s a pretty solid guess that Sega will be bringing over their Catherine title on the PC platform.

We’ll, of course, keep an eye out on the game especially if the PC platform is finally added into the mix. Perhaps this announcement will come with the release date reveal for western audiences. For now, let us know what Sega titles are you hoping will get ported to the PC next by leaving a comment below.

[Source: Sega; Game Informer]