Claim A Free Copy of Super Meat Boy On The Epic Games Store

Chances are you already know about Super Meat Boy. The video game was a massive success as a platformer when it first came out in 2010. In fact, the game developed by Team Meat was featured in an indie documentary film which leads towards the games initial release called Indie Game: The Movie. While most of us have already played the game, it’s been nearly ten years since it came out which means you might have the urge to pick it back up and enjoy the game once again. Luckily for those who have a PC, the game won’t actually set you back anything for a limited time.

By now you have already heard about the Epic Games Store, a digital marketplace that is easily bringing in some competition towards Valve’s Steam. Arguably the biggest means of securing sales is by offering developers 88% of the purchase profits compared to Steam’s 70% profit revenue offer. We’re already seeing some games become exclusive to the Epic Games Store such as The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, there’s still a push to get the marketplace in front of gamers and it looks as if Epic Games is offering free video game titles.

Earlier this month gamers were given out a free copy of Subnautica just for signing up to the free marketplace. Now a new offer is available which will give players Super Meat Boy, a platformer where players take on the role of a person made of meat. Throughout the game, players are forced to maneuver around levels that host dangerous obstacles like circular saw blades. As mentioned, this game was a huge success and you can download a free copy.

This may be a perfect opportunity to get back into the game in preparation for its upcoming sequel. Team Meat has been working on a new installment known as Super Meat Boy Forever that is slated to launch in April of 2019.


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