The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Epic Games Store just scored a bigger video game exclusive for 2019. The digital video game store was announced during The Game Awards 2018 where we learned that a new marketplace was looking to compete against Steam from Valve. Over the years, Steam was essentially the go-to place in order to purchase video game titles on the PC platform along with connecting to other gamers online but that may soon change as Epic Games offers a nice incentive to toss exclusives towards their way.

Telltale Games is a massive development studio that most are fully aware of. The studio would take established IPs such as Game of Thrones and tweak the narrative to tell a new story. These games are often mature and present players a narrative focused journey that could adapt to the choices you made along the way. Unfortunately, the video game studio had shut its doors earlier this year and it was in the middle of the episodic release of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. This was a huge hit for fans who have been following The Walking Dead from Telltale Games these past few years as we were finally going to see the wrap of Clementine’s story.

Luckily Skybound, a company owned by The Walking Dead creator stepped up and took on some of the staff who worked on the game in order to finish the last two episode releases. We’re unsure if this success will lead to Skybound in continuing more video game releases afterward, but we’ll at least get the game Telltale Games intended on releasing prior to its closure. For PC gamers, this title has been confirmed to be an Epic Games Store exclusive which means you won’t be able to secure a copy from Steam. However, if you had already purchased a season pass for the game through another PC retailer then you will receive the final two episodes from the retailer such as Steam.

We’re not surprised Skybound opted to work with Epic Games. The new digital marketplace comes with more profitable pathway as developers are promised 88% of sales when compared to the 70% from Steam. Making a game exclusive to Epic Games Store would secure more sales towards the higher payback option.

Currently, the third episode for The Walking Dead: The Final Season is scheduled to release on January 15, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

[Source: Gamespot]