Halo Infinite Will Feature Four-Play Splitscreen

The sixth main installment to the Halo franchise is already in development and if we’ve seen very little about the game from developers 343 Industries. However, as we near 2019, a stream from the developers did give off a few small tidbits of information. For instance, we now know that the game will feature splitscreen gameplay which is likely something that gamers who enjoy couch co-op will be thrilled about.

There’s nothing we can really give yet about the narrative for this upcoming title but 343 Industries stated that the developers are working on a brand new engine for this new installment and since they are working on the engine, this could mean the game is a good ways off from being ready to ship. This is not all that shocking as the Xbox One platform is winding down and rumors are starting to circulate that the next console release will be unveiled in 2019 for Microsoft. At any rate, gamers who have been following the Halo franchise since its start back during the days of the original Xbox may find that any news regarding the next main installment is good news.

As mentioned, Halo Infinite will feature a four-player splitscreen but also the game will have a customization option that was similar in Halo: Reach. The game allowed players to tweak armor for their character before going out to battle, so tweaking on this option for a new installment will be interesting to see online. For now, we will have to wait and see just what else will be revealed for 343 Industries though that may not be until the next E3 expo.

[Source: Gamespot]