Hitman 2’s Next Elusive Target, Vicente Murillo, is Now Live; New Trailer Released

elusiveWB Games and IO Interactive has announced and detailed the next upcoming elusive target for their latest game, Hitman 2.

The next target that Hitman 47 has to eliminate is Vicente Murillo, a rebellious political figure known as “The Revolutionary”. Agent 47 will have to travel to the Colombian jungle and take this one out silently.

The Revolutionary is available today (21st Dec) through (30th Dec) within Santa Fortuna (Colombia) and for those players who manage to eliminate Murillo, will unlock the Casual Tourist with gloves suit.

Check out the trailer for the second elusive target down below:

The second Elusive Target mission in HITMAN™ 2, featuring Vicente Murillo, a rebellious political figure known as “The Revolutionary,” who mysteriously disappeared in South America during the 1980s. Murillo has now returned and plans to create a new world order beginning with Colombia.

Intel shows that leveraging his narcissism, propensity for lying and paranoia induced drinking habit could help Agent 47neutralizee the militia leader and finally put an end to his radical plans.

In recent Hitman 2 news, IO Interactive detailed the roadmap of free content for the game. A couple of days ago players were treated with a holiday surprise, but they are plenty of more new things coming your way. Read more about the DLC roadmap for Hitman 2 December 2018 right here.

Hitman 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Do you think you can manage to eliminate this target? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamasutra