Does Sony’s New Job Listing Hint Towards PlayStation 5 Feature

It’s no surprise that the current generation consoles are on its last days. The consoles have run its course and now most of the big name manufacturers such as Microsoft and Sony are looking towards the future with the upcoming console releases. We’ve heard very little about the consoles though it’s likely the big grand reveals will happen next year to indicate just what Sony and Microsoft have been secretly working on. However, it looks like Sony has a new job listing out that could indicate a feature they are working towards with the PlayStation 5.

Cloud gaming is something that is being used quite heavily now. With services such as the PlayStation Now which allows gamers to stream PlayStation 3 video game titles on the PlayStation 4, it would seem natural for Sony to continue on with this feature. A job listing for Sony is seeking a software engineer for cloud-back in and this is for Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation. You can view the various responsibilities the staff member will be in charge of right here but it appears that there is a big push towards cloud gaming.

Before we go too rampant on speculation, this could be a feature that Sony is looking to double down on after the success of the PlayStation Now service. Perhaps this would be a means of backward compatibility for the PlayStation 5 or others have suggested that the PlayStation 5 would drop the disc-based video game function completely.

For now, there is only speculation going around online on what this new job role could mean for the PlayStation 5 but we’ll have to wait until the official announcement is made. With Sony dropping out of E3 2019, we could really see a grand reveal of the PlayStation 5 at any time.

[Source: Greenhouse; PlayStation Lifestyle]