Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Causes Infinite Assist Trophies

One of the most anticipated video games releasing this year has been quickly flying off store shelves. Nintendo Switch users are already enjoying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is the latest installment to the Super Smash Bros. franchise. This time around the game features a massive list of characters to play as and a campaign mode to enjoy though while many of us may still be working on unlocking all the various characters or finding which will be our main, others have started to find glitches. One glitch, in particular, is starting to cause trouble online until Nintendo sends out a patch.

This glitch would allow gamers to spawn unlimited Assist Trophies which are guest characters who would appear in the game to help deal some damage. These include Guile, Waluigi, Hammer Bro, Skull Kid, Knuckles, Shovel Knight, and Ghosts from Pac Man. There are quite a few different guest fighters that spawn into the game, though they are summoned through an Assist Trophy which means you don’t have to deal with them throughout the entire fight.

That is until someone uses the glitch which is done by using their picket item skill on the Assist Trophy. This would cause your character to glitch and spawn the same character over and over filling up the screen with chaos. As a result, this would allow the user to win a match with relative ease. However, we don’t expect this to last very long as Nintendo will likely send out a patch to fix this issue sooner rather than later. We expect this to not be a big deal, especially after the holiday season when more users will likely adopt the Nintendo Switch platform along with the video game.

At any rate, if you wanted to see the glitch done in action then check out the video posted above from TheAfrowJow.


[Source: TheAfrowJow; Game Informer]