BioWare Teasing Dragon Age In Coming Month

If you’re familiar with BioWare then you know that the development studio has a number of iconic RPG video game titles. Recently, the focus has been on their latest new IP Anthem and it’s slated to launch early in 2019. During a blog post from BioWare’s official website, we got a few new details about Anthem such as the development team now at a point where they can bring a copy home to play but what may be more interesting for fans is that a new announcement is coming soon for Dragon Age.

Dragon Age may have something new in the coming month announced as it was teased during the blog post. We don’t have much to go off on, unfortunately, but we do know that something Dragon Age related will be announced within the next months. As a result, it seems that we won’t see anything come out of The Game Awards, especially since there have already been ten video games confirmed to be revealed during the award ceremony.

Regardless, fans of the Dragon Age franchise won’t have very long to wait before they can finally see just what else BioWare has been working on outside of their upcoming Anthem video game. That’s not the only tease we received in the blog post. A small note was also made of the Mass Effect franchise with BioWare apparently having plans for the franchise as they move forward, but it may be a bit longer before anything is unveiled on that front. At any rate, do you have any guesses on the upcoming Dragon Age project? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: BioWare]