10 Video Game Reveals Confirmed For The Game Awards

The Game Awards is nearing upon us and if you don’t typically tune in to see what developer or video game title won in a given category then you might tune in just to see what new video game titles are announced. This year we are confirmed to have ten video game titles announced for the first time ever and its likely spread across the entirety of the event.

December 6, 2018, is when The Game Awards debut and as a result gamers can see if their favorite streamer, video game title or developer will win an award from their hard work. However, outside of the awards themselves, the man behind The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, has taken to Twitter and revealed that there will be ten video games announced for the first time.

We’re not given any details as to what these games may be but as time goes on more rumors and information may be given out. For instance, we reported on a tease of a potential new Alien game being revealed and earlier today there was an announcement by Obsidian Entertainment who has a video game being revealed during the award ceremony.

While more information may come out between now and December 6, 2018, we expect more speculation and teases will be circulating online leading up the event itself. Do you think we will see brand new IPs or sequels to past video game franchises during The Game Awards? Let us know what you hope to see at The Game Awards by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: PC Gamer]