Starbreeze Will Continue Support For Overkill’s The Walking Dead

There are a few different video games based around the hit franchise The Walking Dead such as the hit Telltale Games series. However, not all of the video games have been successful hits such as the latest release, Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Despite low sales numbers in most markets, the video game does have a player base according to Starbreeze, the publisher behind the title that launched earlier of this month.

The Walking Dead by Overkill is a game that plays out similar to the Left 4 Dead series where a team of survivors must work together and fend off zombies all while completing objectives. Set in a first-person perspective, multiplayer is done through online though after the game released, there wasn’t too many favorable reviews or copies sold. However, that is not the case in China and Russia as the game sold better due to lower costs.

As a result, news is spreading that Starbreeze is still supporting the game and working on new content for players. Likewise, there is another season in the works for the game which is likely to bring in even more content and potentially a campaign but no concrete details have been unveiled to the public quite yet.

Currently, the game is available on the PC platform but players can also expect a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release in February of next year, 2019. Perhaps after new content is introduced into the game will spark an interest for more players to jump onto the game but only time will tell.

[Source: GameSpot]