Final Fantasy VII Remake May Feature Compilation Works

The Final Fantasy franchise is well-known around the world but arguably the biggest video installments from the series and since its initial release for the original PlayStation platform, gamers have been pleading Square Enix to go back and remaster the game for today’s latest generation consoles. After years of pleading, Square Enix finally came out and announced that they were working on a brand new Final Fantasy VII remake during E3 2015. Now we’ve been waiting on the game to finally release into the market and while we don’t have an actual release date quite yet, new information has emerged on what we could potentially see within the game.

Since the original game released, Square Enix had released complimentary works that were based around the title. This included video games and films along with stories. This selection of works is known as Compilation of Final Fantasy VII which was brought up during a Q&A during an event held regarding The World Ends With You: Final Remix port for the Nintendo Switch platform.

At the event, Tetsuya Nomura who is the game director for Final Fantasy VII Remake was answering questions when a fan brought up the compilation works and if it would be included within the upcoming remake. While Tetsuya didn’t give anything away, he did make mention that the developers who have been around for years now have been toying around with the ideas of extra content that was put out for Final Fantasy VII.

This could be a good sign if you enjoyed the extra characters and stories that released after the Final Fantasy VII video game. Currently, there is no word on just when the game will be launching into the market, but we do know that the game will be released on to the PlayStation 4.


[Source: Gematsu; Gamerant]