Kingdom Hearts 3: Hayner’s Voice Actor Looking to Return

Justin Charles Cowden, the voice of Hayner in the Kingdom Hearts series, has said he is "hopefully" going to make a return for Kingdom Hearts 3 which was announced at E3 last month. 

Over on his Facebook page he posted, "Kingdom Hearts 3 has been officially announced! As you all know. I had the honor of voicing 'Hayner' in the game. Hopefully coming back again! Please share with any fans of the game!" 

He later posted an image of Hayner and said "Hoping to come back for more! Kingdom Hearts 3 coming soon!"

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and while the game marks the end of a story, the series is set to continue.

According to a fact sheet for the game Kingdom Hearts 3 will see a "mature" Sora embark on a new adventure which makes "full use" of next-gen technologies to provide "an entertainment experience with a grand story of unparalleled scale" and "gameplay that can only be experienced in Kingdom Hearts."