PlayStation 4 Software Lineup Will be Sony’s Focus at gamescom

We’re almost there, folks. After months of next-generation discussion and angry internet debating, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are finally just around the corner. Both consoles are expected to make their respective debuts sometime this fall, with Microsoft currently locked down to a November release. However, before the fireworks begin, both hardware manufacturers will get the opportunity to strut their stuff at the German gaming convention, gamescom. There are still some unanswered questions that we’d like addressed before we move out of the summer season and into fall, and according to Sony, the focus on the August games show will be the PS4’s software lineup.

The Vita will likely be mentioned in some capacity, but it’ll be the next-generation console that Sony will do its best to push at the event. The company confirmed this news through its Facebook page.

"With the buzz around PlayStation 4 building, 2013 continues to be one of the most exciting years ever for video games fans," Sony said. "A host of next generation titles were unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 and E3 2013. At Gamescom in August 2013, the focus will be on PS4 and its games line-up once again."

Hopefully, we’ll hear just a bit more about what exactly we’ll be able to play at launch, as well as finally learn when the thing will be available for purchase. We also just discovered a listing for the PC version of State of Decay, so expect more news on Undead Labs’ product during this jam-packed show, too.