State of Decay PC Receives German Rating, gamescom Appearance Mentioned

It would be a mistake to not put State of Decay, the Xbox Live Arcade’s zombie hit, on every platform that developer Undead Labs can find. The open world zombie survival title quickly became the fastest selling original title on Xbox Live Arcade, managing to convince half a million people to drop some cash since its launch on June 5. If that many people will pay 1600 Microsoft Points to experience yet another video game featuring zombies, bringing the smash success to Steam where sales are easier to come by than a baseball bat in the apocalypse only makes sense.

A listing has just appeared on USK, a German ratings website, which details the PC version of State of Decay. The mature rating isn’t the surprise here, though. Instead, it’s the mention of this being the “gamescom full version” of the game, likely meaning that anyone making the trek out to the European convention in August will be able to get their hands on this upcoming PC release. Undead Labs needs a USK rating before they can feed the convention-floor fans this highly anticipated product, and it looks like they got it submitted and approved just in time.

This doesn’t really clear up when we’ll be seeing the full PC version of the game in our lives, but it is at least a good first step in the process. Expect to hear an announcement or two when the game shuffles out of your Xbox and onto a gamescom computer late next month.