Loot Crate Introduces Loot Play Their Digital Indie Games Subscription

There are so many great indie titles that are launched into the marketplace yearly but they can easily be missed from the plethora featured within the marketplace online. If you’re looking for an easier way to get the best indie games sent to you then we suggest looking at Loot Crate’s latest subscription service. This service is known as Loot Play which Loot Crate is bringing into the world thanks to their partnership from Chrono.gg.

According to the press release that was sent over our way, Loot Play will feature five high-quality indie titles that will only set gamers back $12 per month. Loot Crate is an already established service and with this new subscription service, not only would the company be providing gamers new exciting video games to enjoy but they would also help a number of indie development studios showcase their latest video game releases.

Apparently, each month of Loot Play will have one specific featured title that will be unveiled with the rest of the selected picks being a complete mystery until the crate officially drops for everyone. You can purchase the first Loot Play crate today which features Crossing Souls with the remaining four video games being a complete mystery.

Of course, as mentioned, there is a wide assortment of different Loot Crate subscription services which range from pop culture, gaming, film and science fiction. You can check out all of the available Loot Crate subscription services right here.

[Source: Official Loot Crate press release]