Chainsaw Warrior Bringing the Difficulty of Dark Souls to Mobile Platforms

The concept of a single-player board game coming to both PC and mobile platforms doesn’t instantly sound appealing, but in the case of Games Workshop’s Chainsaw Warrior, the formula is time tested and proven. The 1987 table-top game, which threw a single man into a zombie infested New York tenement, is being revived by Bristol based indie developer Auroch Digital, and it’s safe to say that the team has a true passion for the source material.

"It's a game I played as a kid and loved. I see it as the pre-cursor of first-person shooters when video games technology could not really do the first person or the shooting,” Auroch Digital's design and production director, Tomas Rawlings, said in an official statement. “For me this is not only a great game, but a classic of board game design – a solo shooter that really challenges the player. When we spoke to Games Workshop about developing a game this was the top of my list.”

Rawlings continued by comparing Chainsaw Warrior to games like Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls, as the board game is likely best known for its high level of difficulty.

"This is about you against the tide of darkness. Chainsaw Warrior is the last hope for the city and time is running out,” he said. “Ultimately I wanted to make this game because it is one that needs to be brought to digital with all guns blazing and chainsaw-blades revving, and that is what we're going to do!”

Players can look to pick up Chainsaw Warrior on iPad, iPhone, and Android at the end of summer. The PC and Mac versions will be available later this year.