Google Shuts Down YouTube Gaming

Video game streaming is a massive revenue where gamers all around the world engage with viewers as they stream gameplay. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing a brand new game that captures viewers attention or other times its something more complex like speedruns and shows. Regardless, online streaming is not going anywhere anytime soon. However, when it comes to the platforms, there is a pretty clear-cut choice on which is the top dog.

Twitch is king of the hill when it comes to online streaming platforms where both new and veteran personalities showcase their gameplay and gather an audience to view or donate to their channels. That doesn’t mean that Twitch doesn’t have its share of competitors, it’s just that these competitors are a bit off from the level that Twitch is currently at.

One of the competitors that were trying to dethrone Twitch was Google with their introduction to YouTube Gaming. This service started up in 2015 and now it looks like there’s not enough engagement to keep this service running. Effective in March of 2019, the service will be coming to an end meaning that any of the streamers that used YouTube Gaming has already started to make the transition to Twitch or another competitor such as Microsoft’s Mixer.

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[Source: Gamerant]