Mass Effect 4 Team Bolstered by former Gears of War Judgment Developer

One of the main men behind this year’s Gears of War Judgment, which stands as the fourth major release in the Microsoft-published franchise, will no longer be working with Epic Games. Instead of playing a key role in producing all of the third-person brutality, senior producer Chris Wynn has announced that he will take on the role of senior development director on next Mass Effect game over at BioWare.

If you’ve been keeping up, this news shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. It seems like almost every major player at Epic Games has either exited the gaming business or moved on to a new studio. President Mike Capps stepped down from his position to focus on his family, global marketing head Kendall Boyd moved on over to Microsoft, and designer Cliff Bleszinski chose to spend his days blogging and Tweeting. And honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For Wynn, it’s off to the famed RPG studio BioWare after working as an Epic employee for less than a year. According to his Twitter, he will nowl be a senior development director on the next Mass Effect game. He spent almost six years doing work for BioWare owner Electronic Arts in the past, so really, Wynn should feel right at home with this new job.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about his project in the near future. Mass Effect 4 (or whatever the final title will be) is in the works. So look to hear more on the future of the galactic franchise in the coming months.