Dying Light 2 Encourages Multiple Playthroughs

One of the biggest changes coming to the sequel of Dying Light is the interactive world which reflects consequences of each narrative decision you make. This is set to make the game substantially bigger as there are multiple variables which can create multiple outcomes.

Recently Gamingbolt sat down with Dying Light 2’s lead game designer Tymon Smektala to chat a little bit on how big the game will actually be.

“In a game like this it’s almost impossible to tell,” Smektala told GamingBolt. “I can give you a number but that will be just one of the possible playthroughs. So, you can play this game for, let’s say 15 hours or 50 hours and you will reach the same point. But the road to that point will be different. In Dying Light 2you will get even more from your investment because of the various versions of this world; because of the various directions the narrative can take; and because the things we have in multiplayer. You’ll get plenty of variety for your 60 bucks.”

Smektala went on to comment on what the weapons would look like with the sequel.

“It’s melee, but of course you saw archers,” he said of the game’s E3 demo. “You can use bows, cross bows. It’s in the modern dark ages universe. So everything that’s medieval, even though it’s modern by visual materials, you’ll be able to use that stuff.”

Dying Light 2 will release in 2019.