All Past Fighters Return In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

One of the biggest games Nintendo unveiled for E3 this year is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. After a previous Nintendo Direct announced news of a new Super Smash Bros video game coming to the Nintendo Switch, we now have a bit more information regarding the actual game.

For starters, the title is Super Smash Bros. ultimate and its been confirmed that every character who has ever made an appearance in a Super Smash Bros game will be present. This means that the roster is going to be massive and already we know that Ridley from the Metroid franchise is present to be a new fighter.

Likewise, the various characters will have alternate costumes and tweaked combat move sets. One of the changes being added to the game is an in air dodge mechanic which we imagine will really change up the game for longtime fans.

Speaking of longtime fans, the control scheme is important and luckily Nintendo had unveiled that the GameCube controllers will work for this next upcoming installment. What we don’t know yet is if Nintendo will be manufacturing new GameCube controllers once again with the launch of the game.

Currently, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be launching on December 7, 2018, for the Nintendo Switch.